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Work with our customers as partners, believing that their success is our success

About InTech

INTECH Systems integrator company is a subsidiary of INTECH Solution, which was initially founded to cater for the ever growing public and private demand for trusted information technology partners in the Tunisian market. The company went on to embark on multiple successful projects in more than 5 countries in The Middle East and Africa.

INTECH Systems offers a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions as well as software solutions and services:

  1. IT Infrastructure Solutions.

  2. Software Solutions.

  3. Services.

  4. Online Services.

  5. Renovation & Construction.
  6. Light Current & Electrical Solutions.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes: (application development and management, verification and validation, enterprise application solutions, infrastructure management, customer interaction services, business process outsourcing, product engineering services, and business and technology consulting).

Whether you are looking to implement a ready-made solution or interested in a custom-made solution rest assured that our team is capable of offering a tailor-made solution that fits your business needs, enhance performance, and reduce costs. Our process starts with gathering requirements and then we create our service manual which covers our client requirements. After client review and based on the final agreement, we prepare the service(s) procedures, train our agents, and then launch the service.


We are dedicated to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and contribute to their success. We work with them as business partners, through our commitment to excellence, flexibility, integrity. Our committed and professional human talents combined by our technology expertise.


Our vision to be valued and recognized as one of the best systems integrator companies in Africa. This region in both the IT infrastructure and software field.

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InTech started in 2018 and start the market penetration journey to become a known name in the IT solutions business.
InTech had taken its first steps towards penetrating new markets. Gulf and Middle East Region in the telecom industry.
InTech started the first development project
 InTech DEV Department expanded



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